5 Tips for Staying Cool on a Budget

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Budget Cooling Tips | Edwards Heating & Air

Staying cool can be difficult during the long hot summer months but it’s even harder to keep cool when you have a set budget.  For people who are trying to find ways to keep cool and not go broke, here are a few suggestions that might be helpful.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats offer energy savings with reduced greenhouse emissions and do not contain mercury. A programmable thermostat can save you quite a bit of money over the course of a year.  It controls the temperature when you aren’t home and then it turns the air conditioner back on once someone is home again.  On average close to $150 a year can be saved when a programmable thermostat is used with an HVAC system.  

HVAC System Inspection

Before the heat hits you should have a certified professional inspect your HVAC system.  With an inspection, you can discover is your air conditioner is running at full efficiency.  If it isn’t then having an AC repair done before the heat sets in can allow you determine which options fall within your budget.  HVAC system inspections typically cost around $70 to $100, but AC repairs can vary depending on how big of a problem was discovered during the initial inspection.

Invest in an Air Handler

Depending on your budget, an air handler might be perfect for keeping you cool and working with your current AC unit.  

  • Can cost over $1500 but the investment offers energy savings in the future
  • Variable speed air handler is the best option for continued monthly
  • Provides consistent temperatures throughout every room

Install Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans only in rooms that are occupied saves you money in energy savings and provides added coolness to the air. Ceiling fans can cost as little as $40.

Inexpensive Home Remedies to Keep Cool

  • Use drapes to block out the sunlight, which causes direct heat to build in the house
  • Keep your AC in an area with shade, which provides cooler temperatures then the surrounding air
  • Clean or replace dirty air filters that can clog up your ventilation system and prevent proper airflow of cool air

Edwards Heating & Air is ready to work with you to keep you cool while staying within your budget.  Call us today and schedule a service call with one of our NATE-certified professionals!