How Much Extra Are You Paying For That Analog Thermostat

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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The latest technological advancements are found in phones, appliances, and even heating and cooling systems. One of the leading developments for your home is a digital thermostat. There are several options with modern thermostats, such as Wi-Fi capability, LED touchscreen, smartphone access, self-learning, and unique design. If you have an old analog manual thermostat, consider upgrading to a new digital thermostat for energy savings!

Problems with Your Analog Thermostat

The only pro with using an analog thermostat is the cost. They are cheaper than digital thermostats, but you end up losing money in the end with an analog. The cons of an analog manual thermostat are numerous in comparison with modern thermostats. The most prominent disadvantages to an analog thermostat are unnecessary energy consumption in your home and a decrease in your heating and cooling energy savings. Analogs are notorious for providing inaccurate temperature readings to your HVAC system, which can make your HVAC equipment overwork to produce desired indoor temperatures, wasting energy.

Excess energy use and wasted money aren’t the only downsides to analog thermostats. Their displays are hard to read since the temperature setting is controlled by a needle on the dial. Mercury is also present in some analog thermostats, like a regular thermometer. You have no control of the temperature when you are away from home with an analog thermostat.

Reasons to Switch to a Digital Thermostat

When you weigh the pros and cons of an analog thermostat, the choice is clear! Ditch your old analog and install a programmable thermostat to boost energy savings and prevent heat loss in your home. The benefits of upgrading your analog to a digital programmable thermostat are astounding, such as:

  • Flexibility: Digital programmable thermostats offer different settings by programming alternating temperatures for when you are home, away, and asleep.
  • Increased energy savings: Your heating and cooling system work less with a digital programmable thermostat due to the different settings that are programmed. Energy savings are evident when you see your monthly energy bill lowering.
  • Increased accuracy: Digital programmable thermostats are more accurate in sensing the temperatures outside and inside. You won’t have your heating system running constantly due to a misguiding reading, resulting in heating loss in your home.
  • User-Friendly: Due to the different options for digital thermostats, you can install one that is easy to use with simple readings for you and your HVAC system to understand.


Don’t suffer heating loss in your home because of your analog thermostat! Call Edwards Heating & Air to install a high-efficiency thermostat to boost energy savings in your home. High-efficiency technology is the best way to go for your thermostat installation and other heating and cooling products.