Bigger AC Units Do Not Equal Better Results

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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Are you considering buying a large HVAC system for your home? There are several reasons why a big air conditioning system isn’t recommended for just any home. A local heating and air company can measure the right size unit for your home. A correctly sized system will prevent expensive air conditioning services in the long run.  

Problems of a Big Air Conditioning System


  • Increased Noises


Big HVAC systems move larger volumes of air causing the air ducts to vibrate forcefully due to increased air flow. A properly sized unit for your home is more efficient and less noisy.  


  • Reduced Humidity Control


An air conditioning unit dries air as it cools a home. A larger system pulls in more cool air but doesn’t run long enough in order to pull moisture out of the air.  This leads to higher humidity levels in a home and future air conditioning service to correct other problems caused by the humidity.


  • Increased Allergies


With increased humidity from a larger system, dust mites will thrive and cause increased allergies.  


  • Increase Mold Growth


Higher humidity because of a big air conditioning system leads to an increase in mold growth.


  • Increased Electric Bills


A bigger HVAC system is expensive all the way around. It costs more with the initial purchase and installation of a bigger air conditioning system. Unnecessary cycling decreases the energy efficiency of the system. Continuous heating and air conditioning service is another added expense due to more breakdowns and weakened durability of a larger unit.


  • Irregular Temperatures


Air distribution and uneven temperatures are another major problem with big HVAC systems. Larger air conditioning systems have short cycles and don’t run long enough to cool the air that is pulled in.  

Get the most out of your HVAC system by having a heating and air company properly size it. Edwards Heating & Air is your local heating and air company, helping residents in and around Acworth and Atlanta. Our NATE-certified technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in any type of air conditioning service.