Top 3 Ways to Cut Down the Southern Summer Humidity in Your Home

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Indoor Humidity Control | Edwards Heating & Air

For residents in and around the Atlanta area, summer humidity in the south can be thick and muggy.  There are three ways to counteract high humidity in your home and prevent reoccurring air conditioning service from happening.  Edwards Heating & Air provides homeowners in and around Acworth and Atlanta with solutions that are affordable – we offer the best air conditioning repair service around.

Air Conditioning Ventilation

The humidity in your home is increased whenever you run the dryer, shower, or cook on the stove.  A ventilation fan or exhaust fan can eliminate extra humidity in your air.  If you don’t have proper ventilation, mold can become a potential hazard in your home and air conditioning system.  Air conditioning service performed by a skilled technician will clean your unit and find any mold that has started to grow.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Annual preventative maintenance eliminates condensation build up in the drip pan and drain lines.  When condensation isn’t kept in check, the components inside your unit can become clogged, trapping humidity inside instead of venting it outdoors.  Maintenance can prevent costly air conditioning service calls in the future by controlling the condensation and other moisture that travels throughout your system and home.

Air Conditioning Installation for a Whole Home Dehumidifier

A typical addition to air conditioning installation is a whole home dehumidifier.  It works with your system to remove any excess moisture from cooled or heated air.  This unit is larger and is able to extract humidity from every room in your house since it treats the air supply directly, compared to portable units.  This provides automatic humidity control and protects your system without having air conditioning repair service performed continuously.

Don’t let your home be saturated with humidity, call Edwards Heating & Air for the best solutions.  We offer air conditioning installation for the best systems on the market and have NATE-certified experts who perform air conditioning repair service for anything that might be wrong.