Draining Water From Your Furnace…What You Need to Know

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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Typically, when you think of your furnace, you don’t think your heating system should leak water while supplying warm air throughout your home. Get a grip on furnace leaks by understanding the causes for furnace leaks and what steps you should take to stop the leak.

Furnace Condensation Leak

It’s common to have condensation from your furnace if you have a high-efficiency system. Furnace condensation channels to the floor drain and out of your home. A leak will occur if the drain becomes clogged or the line breaks, preventing the condensation from escaping.

A regular-efficiency furnace uses a metal exhaust pipe, so there shouldn’t be condensation. If furnace condensation is present in your standard-efficiency unit, the flue pipe might be incorrectly sized. This allows the hot exhaust to cool down, forming condensation in the pipe leading back to the furnace and leaking out.

Furnace Leaks from Your Humidifier

If you have a whole home humidifier, it could leak inside your HVAC system. Scheduling preventative maintenance stops leaks from occurring around and inside your furnace from your humidifier. Furnace leaks due to the humidifier will cause a lot of internal damage to your system. Call Edwards Heating & Air to schedule maintenance. We will inspect your furnace and humidifier to stop any leak that might be occurring.

Furnace Leaks from Your Internal Drain System

Your air conditioner shares the same internal drain with your furnace. If you have used your air conditioner at the same time as your furnace, the drain system can become clogged and create a leak around your furnace. Call a professional at Edwards Heating & Air to have the drain unclogged.

What Should You Do?

A water leak in or around your furnace will cause damage to your unit, to your flooring and walls, and lead to mold growth in your home. Stop the leak from causing havoc on your heating system by calling a trusted HVAC specialist. Our NATE-certified technicians at Edwards Heating & Air will find the leak, and restore your system to its optimum efficiency!


Don’t let a furnace leak escalate into a costly repair in the future! Call Edwards Heating & Air today to schedule service or maintenance on your furnace. We will stop the leak and check for any problems that might have been caused by the leak inside your system.