Duct Cleaning, Why You Can’t Just Use Your Vacuum

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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Proper ventilation inside your home is important for your health and the health of your HVAC system. Your indoor air quality depends on your system trapping and eliminating contaminants inside your home.  The ductwork is responsible for carrying cool and warm air to the rooms in your home, but air is also carried to the filter to be cleaned first.  HVAC maintenance can be performed to check your ducts every season. If your ductwork is clogged, you can schedule HVAC service from a trusted heating and air company.

What is Duct Cleaning

An HVAC contractor from a heating and air company can perform routine duct cleaning. They are able to see if there are any obstructions blocking air from circulating in and around your home.  During the HVAC service call, if any obstructions are found, the technician can clear the duct immediately.  Duct cleaning also eliminates any dust, dirt, or debris built up over time in your ductwork.  Mold and mildew can also grow if there is any condensation inside your ducts. Preventative HVAC maintenance can include duct cleaning, saving you a call for service later.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Aside from obstructions being cleared away and cleaning up mold or mildew, duct cleaning can also improve your indoor air quality greatly! Homes with pets run the risk of pet dander building up over time.  The filter can become clogged faster due to the pet hair and dander, which may stick inside your ducts.  If you have pets, new dander and hair will constantly affect your home.  Not only does the pet dander and hair increase allergies and asthma issues, but the buildup of dirt and dust will, too.  Duct cleaning from a trusted heating and air company is beneficial for:

  • Decreasing pet dander and hair
  • Decreasing mold and mildew growth
  • Preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading via the ductwork into your home air
  • Increasing your monthly energy savings
  • Detecting leaks in ductwork

Call Edwards Heating & Air to schedule HVAC maintenance for a routine duct cleaning or for HVAC service to fix a current problem in your ductwork.  We are a trusted heating and air company putting customers first and offering affordable solutions for your HVAC needs!