Finished Basement? Here’s How to Cool and Heat it Year Round

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Finished basement in home | Edwards Heating & Air

Finished basements can be a struggle when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature, but there are a few things that can help.  The best HVAC systems on the market can’t always control the temperature of additional spaces, like finished basements.  Residents in and around the Acworth and Atlanta area searching for help from heating and air companies need only to call Edwards Heating & Air.  We have NATE-certified technicians who offer solutions for your HVAC system and finished basement.   

Additional Ductwork and Vents

If your HVAC system can handle the additional square footage of your finished basement, additional ductwork can be extended.  Professionals from Edwards will be able to send a team member out and extend the current HVAC system ductwork to the finished basement.  Edwards Heating & Air has technicians who will inspect your current HVAC system and determine the best options for installing more ducts and vents in the area.   

Ductless Mini-Split HVAC system

This type of system is perfect for a finished basement that may not have ductwork installed.  Ductless mini-split systems are the perfect addition to a home’s current heating and air system.  Installation is flexible with mounting capabilities on the wall, ceiling, or a stand-alone unit. Ductless systems offer energy efficiency since there is not ductwork involved, which can leak air. Most heating and air companies carry several brands and models of ductless mini-split HVAC systems but Edwards Heating & Air has NATE-certified technicians experienced for any type of installation.  

You may have the best HVAC system available but if its not offering controlled temperatures in your finished basement you need help!  Call Edwards Heating & Air for issues with your heating and air system or investing in a ductless mini-split unit for your basement.