Myth Breakers: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do To Heat/Cool Your Home

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
ceiling fan in home | Edwards Heating & Air

Everyone has heard of tips or tricks to heat or cool a home quickly.  Unfortunately, most of these tips are myths.  In fact, these myths can be harmful to your HVAC system and can cost you lots of extra money in energy bills and unnecessary HVAC repairs.  If you have performed any of these myths, seek out your local heating and cooling company to get your system running smoothly.

Closing Vents/Doors

Closing vents or doors to unused rooms does not save you energy and can have serious effects on an HVAC system.  Heating and cooling companies are trained to install a system that fits the exact dimensions of your home.  When a properly sized HVAC system is prevented from heating or cooling your entire home, pressure is increased within the duct system.  This can lead to future breakdowns that require expensive HVAC repairs to get it running again.  Your system may use more energy to counteract the pressure, increasing your energy bills when you think they’ll be lower.  

Drastic Temperature Settings = Faster Comfort

Another myth about heating and cooling your home is that cranking your thermostat high or low will heat or cool your home faster.  This is false!  This causes your system to work harder to achieve the set temperature, rather than the actual temperature you need, and keeps it running longer than it should.  

Your HVAC system could easily overheat and burn out important components that are expensive to repair.  Certain components may not be fixable and you might be forced to purchase a new HVAC system for your home.  Contacting your local heating and cooling company immediately to assess your system when it malfunctions is extremely important to prevent further damage.

Ceiling Fans…Good or Bad

Ceiling fans are great for helping your home stay cool but they do not create cool air and can increase your energy bill if they run continuously.  You can also reverse the spin to circulate heat around during the colder months.  Just keep in mind that using fans alone doesn’t help heat or cool your home, it just increases your energy consumption!

Contact Edwards Heating & Air for any HVAC repair or maintenance work you need.  Our NATE-certified technicians offer advice and options that are accurate and not myths!