Do I Need to Replace My Ducting When Replacing My HVAC System?

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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With an HVAC replacement comes options, such as replacing your current HVAC ducting. With some helpful hints about what to look for with your HVAC ductwork, you can decide if replacing your existing ductwork is necessary. Central heating and air units rely on clear and secure HVAC ductwork to keep your home comfortable. Ductwork is your system’s path for transferring warm or cool air throughout every room in your home. If you are in doubt about replacing your ductwork, contact Edwards Heating & Air to consult one of our NATE-certified technicians about your options.

HVAC Ducting is Old

Ductwork that is between 10 to 15 years old tends to cause more problems than it is worth. Old HVAC ducting tends to have more leaks and blockages compared to newer ductwork. Collapsed sections can also occur with older HVAC ducting. Constant problems with older ductwork lead to repeated repairs that become expensive. After investing in a new HVAC replacement, you don’t want to spend even more money on duct repairs!

High Utility Bills

Central heating and air uses a lot of energy on a daily basis. To keep your energy usage low, make sure your ductwork isn’t leaking or damaged. Energy leaks out of HVAC ducting that has been damaged from wear and age. To keep your new HVAC replacement running at peak efficiency, new ductwork would increase energy efficiency.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Leaks or holes in your HVAC ducting allow pollen, dust, and other contaminates to bypass your unit’s filtration system. These contaminants circulate into your home through the ductwork. Your indoor air quality is compromised, increased allergy and asthma problems. Mold can also grow inside leaky ductwork and spread into your home. Your central heating and air system can be damaged by mold growth, decreasing your indoor air quality further.

If you notice increased energy bills and poor indoor air quality in your home, replacing your HVAC ducting may be the best option. Contact Edwards Heating & Air today to improve the efficiency of your HVAC replacement. We have the best products on the market and knowledgeable technicians to service your home.