Why Does the Air in My House Smell Stale?

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
HVAC odors in a home | Edwards Heating & Air

Have you noticed a strange odor in your home? It’s probably a stale air smell from your house being closed up tight during the winter, preventing fresh air from circulating. A stale air smell in your home can be linked directly to your heating and cooling equipment. Learn the reasons why you develop HVAC odors in your home and how to rid your home of those unwelcomed smells.

Reasons for Stale Air Smell

Your HVAC system is designed to keep your home temperature regulated and comfortable. Heating and cooling systems do their jobs by moving air and regulating the temperature in your home. If there is a problem with HVAC odors in your system, these same aromas are pushed throughout your house.

Reasons air can smell stale include:

  • Dirty Evaporator Coil

When an evaporator coil is dirty or malfunctioning, the coil cannot do its job correctly thus causing HVAC odors and potentially a frozen system. Call the professionals at Edwards Heating and Air to inspect and clean your evaporator coil.

  • Air Filter

The air going through your unit crosses through the air filter first then moves to the evaporator coil. A clean air filter will ensure your evaporator coil stays cleaner longer. Check your air filter often and clean or replace when needed.

  • Clogged Condensate

A clogged condensate line will create HVAC odors in your home. A clogged condensate also affects your system performance. Our NATE-certified technicians at Edwards Heating and Air will work hard to locate your clog and remove it to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

  • Dirty or Infested Ductwork

High humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow in your ductwork, and rodents can also nest inside them. Have your ducts cleaned during preventative maintenance from Edwards Heating & Air.

  • Water Build-up in the Filtration System

Undrained water that has collected in the filtration system can turn rancid. Draining the water and cleaning the line will remove the odor. A trained technician should examine the line to make sure there are no clogs and that the line will continue to work properly.  

  • System Size

An HVAC system that is too big for the size of your home will not dehumidify all the new air brought into your house, causing mold and mildew to grow within your home. Contact Edwards Heating and Air to have your HVAC system sized properly.

If stale air smells linger in your home, consider that your HVAC system might be the problem.  Contact Edwards Heating and Air for complete service to remedy your HVAC odors and boost your system’s efficiency.