Mold and mildew lurk in an HVAC system under the right conditions.


When air passes through the system, these harmful particles are picked up and moved into your living areas, where they can be detrimental to your health. Ultraviolet air cleaners are the ultimate defense against harmful mold and mildew that commonly grows in moist conditions like your evaporative coil. Installed within your home’s HVAC system, these air cleaners use safe UV energy to neutralize particles and prevent regrowth. The lights will even neutralize particles as they pass by the light in the air stream adding an additional layer of defence. They use little energy and require little maintenance, making them an effective solution for homeowners!

  • Carrier UVLCC1LPUV Ultraviolet Air Purifier | Edwards Heating & Air
  • Carrier UVLCC2LPUV Ultraviolet Air Purifier | Edwards Heating & Air