Keep the Children Warm this Winter at School

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Children in classroom | Edwards Heating & Air

The cold weather has arrived and schools, as well as other businesses, shouldn’t be caught with their commercial HVAC systems malfunctioning. HVAC repairs on commercial units can be costly, but with proper maintenance on a commercial HVAC system, those repairs can be kept at a minimum during the winter. Edwards Heating & Air offers preventative maintenance plans for business owners and our technicians are fully knowledgeable in all areas of commercial HVAC repair.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance on any commercial HVAC system is a definite to keeping your school or facility warm during the cold months. As a facility manager, you are pulled in many directions When that happens, commercial HVAC systems tend to be forgotten and when your system isn’t operating properly, it can affect the comfort of all occupants, impacting student learning and educators’ ability to perform as needed.

Decreased comfort is the biggest side effect of a compromised heating and cooling system. Students may become irritable or distracted, impacting their ability to learn and pay attention. Employees may not work as efficiently as they need to, affecting productivity and the student population. A decrease in educator productivity is seen directly in the achievements of the student population.

HVAC maintenance on commercial units are beneficial for several reasons, such as:

  • Less expense in HVAC repairs since your system is checked on a regular schedule for any possible malfunctions and keeps the unit clean
  • Greater comfort since your system operates, as it should, for longer periods of time without a breakdown
  • Keeps your system running longer and lengthens the lifespan since purchasing a new commercial HVAC system is expensive

Commercial HVAC Repair and Upgrades

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance can cut back the need for costly HVAC repairs in the future. HVAC repairs can be small, such as replacing a clogged or dirty filter, or they can be larger service jobs, such as repairing refrigerant lines that are leaking. When problems go unchecked, they can lead to your entire system shutting down, forcing the need to purchase a whole new commercial HVAC system.

There are a few additional things you, as a facility manager, can invest in that will help keep your system running at its best:

  • Invest in programmable thermostats or a smart thermostats for automation control of your entire system
  • Properly seal heating and cooling ducts with an Edwards Heating & Air NATE-certified technician’s help
  • Edwards Heating & Air offers preventative maintenance plans for schools and commercial businesses to ensure regular commercial HVAC system inspections are performed
  • If your system is old, consider investing in a higher efficiency system for your facility or business, which will lower monthly energy bills

Don’t get blindsided this winter with unexpected and expensive HVAC repairs – call Edwards Heating & Air! We will keep your commercial HVAC system running smoothly, plus prevent future repairs with our preventative maintenance plans.