How to Keep Your HVAC System Quiet

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
HVAC System Noise Issues | Edwards Heating & Air

Heating and air conditioning systems can be extremely noisy both inside your home and outside.  Thankfully there have been advancements in heating and air conditioning technology to decrease irritating noises.  Contact a heating and air company nearby to discuss all the options for quieting your current system or about investing in a new heating and air conditioning unit.

Heating and Air Conditioning Noises

There are several different components of your HVAC unit that can cause noise, such as:

  • Noise indoors from the fan
  • Start up noises from the unit
  • Vibrations from components inside the system
  • Noises caused by the outdoor components

New Air Conditioning Technology

If you are in the market for a new heating and air conditioning unit then look for these advancements manufacturers have begun installing inside newer units:

  • Variable-speed blower fans used in high-efficiency units that are quieter regardless of the speed
  • Insulated air conditioning compressors to muzzle noises
  • Improved fan blade movement and venting technologies to soften the sound of air leaving the system
  • Mounts that reduce noise and impact caused by the force of the condenser and compressor as they operate

Quieting your Current Unit

To quiet your current system, locate a trusted heating and air company nearby that employs NATE-certified technicians to service your system and perform preventative HVAC maintenance.  Some ways to reduce sound in your unit:

  • Install a fence with sound-dampening technology to reduce noise coming from your outdoor component
  • Sound blankets can be used on fencing or other frames to muffle noises from your air conditioner
  • HVAC maintenance cleans or replaces the air filter so that it doesn’t become clogged, which can create noisy air circulation through the system

With scheduled preventative HVAC maintenance performed by a trusted heating and air company near you, a quiet HVAC system can be achieved.  Call Edwards Heating & Air if you live in or around Acworth and Atlanta, Georgia.  We offer quality HVAC maintenance and carry the best HVAC units in the industry for quiet and efficient performance.