Leaks & Drafts: Find Out Where You are Letting Money Slip Away

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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Are you noticing a decrease in energy savings with higher monthly energy bills? If so, you might have an issue with your HVAC unit.  According to ENERGY STAR, a normal home loses on average between 20 and 30 percent of air from the heating and air system.  Most of the air is leaked through the HVAC system equipment or ductwork of your home.  Lost air means zero chance of energy savings and an increase in energy consumption.  

Signs of Leaks or Drafts in HVAC Units

If your home has difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature, you might have air leaking throughout your ductwork.  Here are a few symptoms to check for:

  • Energy bill is high regardless of the season
  • Rooms are difficult to keep cool or warm
  • Stuffy rooms
  • Ducts are located in the garage, attic, or crawlspace
  • Flexible ducts in your system are tangled or bent

There can also be other areas in your HVAC unit leaking air or causing drafts within your home.  Locate a heating and air company near you to find a trusted professional to diagnose your system completely.

Ways to Prevent Leaks and Drafts

The best way to detect and prevent leaks or drafts is to have a certified HVAC contractor inspect your heating and cooling system.  Locate heating and air companies near you that use only the best technicians in the field.  NATE-certified technicians are trained on a variety of products, installation, repairs, and have excellent customer service.  NATE-certified HVAC contractors can also perform an inspection on your entire system.

An inspection will locate the source of any leaks so the technician can repair them to ensure your system runs efficiently in the future.  If any part of your equipment or ductwork is damaged and needs replaced, an HVAC contractor will be able to give you an estimate for the repair work and fix it quickly.  Once your HVAC unit is running smoothly, without any leaks or drafts, you will notice a boost of energy savings.

Locating heating and air companies near you can be stressful and time consuming.  Luckily, Edwards Heating & Air is a trusted company with only the best NATE-certified technicians working for us.  Call us today and schedule service to have your HVAC unit inspected for leaks and drafts.