Proudly Serving Marietta, Georgia


For residents in Marietta, Georgia, who need assistance with their heating and cooling systems, Edwards Heating & Air is ready to help!  We perform preventative maintenance, repair work, and installation of new HVAC systems.  Our Carrier products are efficient, durable, and the best on the market.  We work hard to provide personal and professional care for each individual’s needs.  We even have special financing through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank for monthly payment options.


  • HVAC Replacement | Edwards Heating & Air


    Our team at Edwards Heating & Air has been replacing inefficient heating and air conditioning systems in Marietta, Georgia with high efficiency systems to help lower the utility costs of our customers. Contact our team for a free estimate.

  • HVAC Repair | Edwards Heating & Air


    Edwards Heating & Air has been repairing heating and air conditioning systems in Marietta, Georgia since 2001. Our team of NATE Certified service technicians are prepared to fix any problem encountered with your HVAC system.

  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance | Edwards Heating & Air


    Maintaining the efficiencies of your heating and air conditioning system and increasing the life of the system is achieved through a thorough preventative maintenance plan provided to our customers in Marietta, Georgia by our team.


Cooling in Marietta, Georgia


Edwards Heating & Air wants the citizens of Marietta to remain cool during those long periods of heat and humidity.  Our technicians are NATE-certified and ready to provide you with preventative maintenance, HVAC repair, and installation of the industry’s leading cooling systems.  As an authorized Carrier dealer, our products meet current ENERGY STAR requirements. Pairing your cooling system with one of these products can increase efficiency and operation of your unit: thermostats, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.


Heating in Marietta, Georgia


Heating a home or business in Marietta can be expensive in fuel, energy and repairs. Edwards Heating & Air offers several systems that are affordable, efficient, and will give you savings in the future.  We carry: heat pumps, furnaces, ductless systems and air handlers to assist with heat circulation. Our Carrier line of furnaces and heat pumps are durable, energy efficient, and affordable for any budget.  Our sales team can answer any question you might have regarding a new unit and offer suggestions for what would work best for your family.  We also have professionals who are NATE-certified to service your current heating unit and deal with repairs that might need to be performed.


Indoor Air Quality in Marietta, Georgia


With so many toxins polluting the air outside, you need to make sure your home or business is safe from contaminants that can affect your health and function of your HVAC unit.  We specialize in improving and maintaining indoor air quality for residents in Marietta.  Our NATE-certified experts can service and repair products that are designed to boost clean air indoors and also install several products that assist with cleaning your air, such as: humidifiers, dehumidifiers, media air cleaners and ultraviolet air cleaners.