The Myth about Air Fresheners: Clean Up & Fix the Issue First

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Air Freshener Myths | Edwards Heating & Air

Are you using air fresheners to mask smells present in your home after running your heating and air unit? Edwards Heating & Air’s experienced NATE-certified technicians will assist you with an HVAC service call to determine what is causing the smells coming from your furnace or air conditioner.  Here are some tips to look for to help diagnose what might be wrong in your heating and air unit.  

Identify the Smell

There are several common smells that can occur inside heating and air units, some irritating and some cause serious health issues.

  • Mold/Mildew Smell:
    • Evaporator coils can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew and other bacteria due to condensation, dust and dirt gathering on them.  Coil cleaning is a common HVAC repair that will eliminate any mold, mildew, bacteria, or condensation present on your coils.
  • Dead Animal:
    • Animals can get into ductwork and die, which causes the stench of death to circulate throughout your home via air ducts.  Duct cleaning can be performed during an HVAC service call and rid your home of the dead animal.
  • Burning Smell:
    • A burning smell typically indicates there is a mechanical issue, such as with the compressor or fan inside your heating and air unit.  An overheating component should be addressed immediately with an HVAC service call from a professional.

HVAC Installation and Prevention

Preventing odors in your heating and air units is manageable with the right HVAC installation and continued annual maintenance throughout the seasons:

  • Proper HVAC installation of ductwork will ensure your ducts are sealed tightly and aren’t damaged during the installation process.  Leaks and holes cause condensation to form inside the ducts and can allow rodents to get inside your unit as well.
  • An HVAC repair on evaporator coils will clean mold and condensation build up after it has developed. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can have your coils cleaned annually.  
  • Another great maintenance service is staying on top of regularly scheduled air filter cleaning or replacements.  Air filters hold pollutants and can circulate back into your home air.

Stop wasting money on air fresheners and find out what is causing the smell to begin with! If you live in or around the Acworth area, Edwards Heating & Air can help you with any HVAC repair you need.  Call us today and schedule a service call!