Why is there no airflow coming from the register

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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If you hear your HVAC system running but feel nothing coming from the register or vents, then you may need to call someone and have an HVAC repair performed on the ductwork.  If there is an obstruction of some kind in your ventilation system then that could create higher energy consumption and an increased energy bill.  HVAC maintenance performed on an annual basis can prevent most causes of airflow problems.

Air Filter Issues

The most common reason for airflow to be restricted is from a dirty air filter or even a collapsed air filter inside the ductwork.  A collapsed air filter can be a fire hazard and needs to be removed by a professional.  Air filters are commonly changed or cleaned during HVAC maintenance.

Leaky Ducts

Leaky ducts are a known source that interferes with the airflow of HVAC units.  If the air ducts were incorrectly installed, they can come apart or not seal properly.  Ducts can also become leaky due to their age, which causes the seals to break.  You will need to call a licensed professional to perform an HVAC repair on the leaky ducts.

Air Duct Situation

Sometimes there is insulation inside the ductwork and it can fall into the ductwork.  Leaky ducts can also cause exterior insulation to settle inside the ductwork.  With a heating and air repair, a technician can remove the insulation and fix the leaky duct.

Closed Vents

This closed vents or dampers are the issue no HVAC repair is necessary. HVAC units run on a zoning system have dampers inside the ductwork that can become stiff.  Stiff dampers often get stuck in a closed position, which prevents airflow through the ventilation system.

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