Old HVAC units: replace vs. repair

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Repair vs Replace HVAC | Edwards Heating & Air

Decisions that affect your budget can be intimidating to make.  Especially when the decision is about purchasing an AC replacement.  It’s normal to second-guess whether an HVAC repair best or is investing a new central AC unit more wise.  Here are some guidelines that might help you decide which choice is best.

Signs of trouble

There are few signs that your central AC unit isn’t performing to the best of its ability.  If you notice the air conditioner is running but your house remains warm or hot, you will need to call a professional for a heating and air repair.  HVAC units also control moisture inside your home.  If your air feels extremely dry, then you may need an HVAC repair to correct the moisture levels inside your home.  If these problems aren’t the first time you are experiencing them, it could indicate that the unit is failing.

Age of the unit

Typical HVAC units can last anywhere from 8-12 years depending on how they were maintained over the years.  If your central AC unit is getting over the age of 8, especially if you’ve had repeated heating and air repairs, it might be time to look into an AC replacement.  The age of unit is evident if the same HVAC repairs are performed more than once on the unit.  Heating and air repairs that are continuously performed prove that your unit is on its last legs.

Benefits of a new unit

When your constantly dealing with breakdown after breakdown, it’s nice to see the benefits what a new system has to offer:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Reduced cooling and heating costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Consistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Improved indoor air quality

Edwards Heating & Air is able to assist you in making the choice between another repair or an AC replacement.  Call us and see what the best options are for you!