Does Your Furnace Still Have a Pilot Light?

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Technician inspecting HVAC | Edwards Heating & Air

Your furnace’s pilot light malfunctioning isn’t always a sign that your furnace needs replaced.  There are a few reasons as to why you may be experiencing issues with your furnace. The best way to ensure proper operation and increased efficiency of your furnace is to have a professional perform routine HVAC maintenance on your heating and air system at least twice a year.  

Low on Fuel

Before you break down and call a professional about your pilot light not staying lit, check your fuel supply. You should make sure the fuel supply is turned on and that your fuel bill has been paid in full. Then check the fuel supply valve to see if it is open to the furnace.  

Thermocouple has Failed

If your fuel supply valve is open and your utility bill is current, there might be a bigger issue concerning your pilot light. The copper coil positioned above the pilot light might have failed. This copper coil is the thermocouple and when it fails, the pilot light automatically shuts off to prevent flammable gas from entering into your home. A heating and air professional can test your thermocouple and replace it if it has failed.  

Burner Tip is Dirty

Preventive HVAC maintenance checks your burner tip prior to using the furnace. When the burner tip becomes dirty from soot and dirt, it prevents fuel from passing through it. An HVAC technician cleans the burner tip during maintenance and prevents problems in the future.

Time to Replace

If a professional has inspected your furnace and your pilot light is still not lighting or staying lit, it might be time to replace your current heating and air system. Furnaces over 15 years old are more likely to need replacement than younger units. At Edwards Heating & Air, we will assist you with finding the perfect system to heat your home. We have many options that are budget friendly to fit the size and needs of your family and home.  

Don’t let a pesky pilot light prevent you from enjoying comfort this winter. Call Edwards Heating & Air today! We are your one-stop shop for HVAC maintenance, new heating and air installation, and any type of furnace repairs for future problems.