Follow These Tips to Prevent HVAC Breakdowns During Stormy Weather

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
Stormy weather | Edwards Heating & Air

During stormy weather, homeowners need to take precautions to protect their HVAC system.  Edwards Heating & Air is a trusted HVAC company serving residents in and around Acworth and the Atlanta area.  We have NATE-certified HVAC contractors who perform routine maintenance on your system and perform any HVAC repairs needed.

Protection for Your HVAC System

  • Make sure all loose items are stored away from your equipment to prevent damage to your HVAC system from flying debris when the wind kicks up.
  • To prevent hail damage, you can install hail guards on your outdoor unit and reduce the chance of any major damage happening.

Heavy Rain

Rain can damage your heating and cooling system in several ways.  Humidity is always an issue for your system but heavy rain can raise the humidity level to an extreme level.  This causes your HVAC system to work even harder to eliminate the humidity and causes water to leak inside onto other components.  Excess water causes major breakdowns that will require you to call for an HVAC contractor.

Lightning Strikes

Regardless of where your system is located, it is still vulnerable to a lightning strike and can be fried in a split-second.  Installing a whole home surge protector can at least protect some of components inside your unit from massive devastation.   A whole home surge protector re-routes the electrical charge away from electrical components and keeps them safe.  Contact your local HVAC company to see if your unit has this protective device installed and ready to go.

Windy Weather

Whenever wind is involved, there is always the possibility of dust and debris flying around and compromising the operation of your HVAC system.  There can also be larger objects that can hit your outdoor component and can cause visible damage.  If your outdoor unit sustains damage, call an HVAC contractor to have the damage assessed with an HVAC repair.

You need an HVAC company that is trusted, experienced, and can help you during crazy weather.  We at Edwards Heating & Air employ HVAC contractors who are honest, knowledgeable, and are able to perform any HVAC repair you need.  Call us today!