How Much Should “This” Cost – Let Us Take a Look at Your System to Give You the Best Answer

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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Worrying about the cost for repairing your central heating and cooling system is normal among homeowners. Not all repairs cost the same but with a trusted HVAC contractor nearby, you can rest easy knowing you are getting quality service at an affordable price. For residents in and around the Acworth and Atlanta area, Edwards Heating & Air offers timely and affordable HVAC service for any situation!

Cost of Central Heating and Cooling Service

No two service calls are the same so the cost is determined based on several factors. An HVAC contractor near you typically charges a flat rate just to come out and inspect your system. Experienced technicians with superior reputations may cost more than inexperienced technicians. Depending on when you need service the price can be higher. Service performed during the evenings, weekends, or the holidays cost higher than normal service calls during the week or regular service hours. All these factors decide the price of your central heating and cooling call.

Once the initial call has started, the technician might find any number of things to fix that can increase the price. The problem may be simple and only something small needs fixed or repaired. More costly jobs require new parts to be ordered and installed later. Electrical problems may even lead to an electrician to finish the job properly.

  • Small jobs include:
    • Fuses and circuit breaker issues
    • Cleaning or replacing air filters
    • Cleaning outdoor units of debris
    • Routine HVAC maintenance
  • Large jobs include:
    • Refrigerant leaks
    • Thermostat replacement/installation
    • Compressor or motor breakdowns

Locating an HVAC Contractor Near You

The most important factor for the cost of repairing your central heating and cooling unit is the type of contractor you hire. Fixing the problem on your own might sound like a way to save money but it could lead to more complications in the future with your system. The best option is to find a local HVAC contractor near you with a good reputation for honesty and quality workmanship. If your system is still under warranty, a professional that is certified with your make and model will keep your warranty from being voided. Edwards Heating & Air is a trusted company servicing the areas in and around Acworth and Atlanta. Our technicians are NATE-certified with excellent customer service and knowledge on the latest HVAC advancements.

Stop worrying about the cost of servicing your central heating and cooling system and focus more on finding a trusted HVAC contractor near you. With Edwards Heating & Air by your side, you can rest easy knowing our technicians are skilled, knowledgeable, and have your best interests in mind when it comes to servicing your system. Contact us today to get the best rates possible!