Top Mistakes You’ve Made With Your AC

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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Mistakes are a great source of improvement and the same applies to mistakes with your HVAC system. Both the efficiency and durability of your HVAC system can be monitored and improved when certain AC mistakes are avoided while running your heating and cooling system.  By avoiding certain mistakes in the future, you can cut down on your HVAC repair costs.

Filter Replacement

The biggest mistake you can make is to forget to change your air filter.  Over time, your HVAC system’s filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and debris that has been continuously filtered out of your indoor air.  You can replace this on your own or call local heating and air companies to have the filter serviced.

Failing to replace your filter forces your HVAC systems to work harder. This consumes more energy, and can cause more frequent breakdowns. Operating heating and cooling systems with a dirty filter also diminish your home’s indoor air quality.

Annual Maintenance

Another mistake homeowners are not maintaining their HVAC systems annually. When a unit is properly taken care of, it reduces the chance of costly HVAC repairs in the future.  Local heating and air companies near you offer annual maintenance, performed in the spring for cooling systems and fall for heating systems.  Edwards Heating & Air has preventative maintenance plans available for residents in and around Acworth and Atlanta.

Thermostat Surroundings

Where your thermostat is located can also affect the efficiency and life expectancy of your air conditioner.  You should avoid putting anything that produces heat near your thermostat.  This will cause your thermostat to give false readings and make your AC kick on more often than is necessary.

Temperatures Too Low

Most people think that if you set your thermostat lower, your home will cool off quicker.  This is not true and is extremely unhealthy for your HVAC system.  Setting the temperature too low causes your system to work harder to reach the low setting and maintain the temperature throughout the rest of your house.  Doing this continually will require an HVAC repair on your interior components when the whole system breaks down.

If you have made any of these mistakes with your AC, it’s not too late to correct them! Call Edwards Heating & Air if you live in or around the Acworth or Atlanta area and are searching for a dependable and honest heating and air company.  Our NATE-certified technicians are experienced with any type of HVAC repair, maintenance, or installation you might need.