Do I turn off my AC when I leave my house?

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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A common theory among home and business owners is that you can save on your energy bill by turning your AC off when you aren’t around. Whether or not you turn your air conditioning unit off when you are gone depends on how long you will be gone, how comfortable you want your home temperature to be, and how much strain you put on your heating and air system on a daily basis.

Home Temperatures

Most people prefer for their home temperature to be cool when they arrive home.  With the purchase of a programmable thermostat you can get the cool temperatures while at the same time saving energy.  Program the thermostat to rise when you leave the house if you are going to be gone several hours.  You can then program the thermostat to turn back down about 30 minutes before you return home.  You will save money while you are gone but then get the home temperature you enjoy right before you walk through the door!

AC Units and Vacation Mode

A definite time that you should turn your AC off completely is when you are going on vacation for longer than a few days.  While you are gone your heating and air unit won’t cost you energy consumption or money. You can always use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature up or down on the day you are supposed to return home.  Another option if you don’t have a programmable thermostat is to have a family member, friend, or neighbor to turn the air conditioning back on a few hours before you arrive.

Straining Heating and Air Systems

Regardless of whether you turn your heating and air system off, you can still reduce energy consumption and protect the life of your unit by doing the suggested tips below:

  • Close all windows and doors securely
  • Pull blinds or shades over the window to reduce the heat caught in the house
  • Schedule preventative maintenance
  • Change air filters on a regular basis
  • Have a licensed professional check the Puron levels and function of the ductwork

The best way to keep your system running efficiently is to know when to power down your AC.  Edwards Heating & Air can determine how much strain has been put on your unit through a service call with a NATE-certified professional.  Call us today and see where you stand!