What does it mean when you have water stains around your vents?

Dustin Edwards Written by Dustin Edwards
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You may have noticed water stains around your air conditioning vents or visible moisture around them.  The most likely cause of the water stains or moisture is from condensation inside your ductwork. However, condensation is only the beginning of costly heating and air repairs, if the problem goes unchecked by a certified technician.  

Condensation is the Culprit

Excess humidity in your home can cause condensation to build up inside your central AC unit and ductwork. Humidity in its original gas form isn’t the problem but when the humidity becomes condensation, it can cause several issues with your central AC unit and home.

Common Condensation Problems

Condensation can form water stains around vents, on walls and ceilings, and deteriorate drywall as well as woodwork in the home. When condensation accumulates inside ductwork and around vents, it becomes a breeding ground for mold. Excess moisture can also cause rust to form in vents and ductwork. Typically, annual HVAC maintenance can catch condensation problems before they become bigger financial disasters.

Heating and Air Repair to Solve Condensation Issues

To resolve condensation issues, a heating and air repair will have to be scheduled.  There are three main reasons why condensation can form inside your central AC unit’s air ducts:

  • Under-insulated air ducts may have humid air hitting cold air conditioning ducts from the attic.  This causes moisture to run down the ceiling.
  • The metal connector, or duct boot, located between the air ducts and the vents can get cold.  Once moisture forms on the duct boot, the water drops down your ceiling.
  • An air leak can occur around the vents or duct boot when the boot isn’t properly sealed to the duct.  Cold air then escapes and mixes with moist air causing condensation to form.  A leak can also occur between drywall and air vents.

HVAC repair performed on your central AC unit can solve condensation issues quickly.  With an HVAC repair, insulation can be installed around air ducts and the duct boot.  Once the condensation has been fixed, consider having annual HVAC maintenance performed to prevent future issues inside your ductwork and vents.

Schedule an HVAC repair so that unsightly water stains don’t wreak havoc in your home. Call Edwards Heating & Air for condensation prevention with HVAC maintenance performed by one of our NATE-certified professionals.